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You have been invited by a friend to join our ERON miners family.

Your personal invite code is:



ERON Miner Beta version

Download Instructions:

1. Please press the download button below in order to download our miner.

Download now

Please use BETA as invite code when you first register.

2. After download is over please double click eronminer.exe.

3. The eronminer.exe file will install all the necessary files on your primary windows Partition (ie. C://)

4. After installation is done please double click the shortcut on your desktop.

5. When ERON Miner opens, please access "Create new account", if you are using the miner for the first time.

6. When the new page opens please keep in mind that you need to insert the referral code BETA, choose a password and tick the consent box.

IMPORTANT! Please note that there is no way to recover your password if you lose it, so choose one that you will remember and wite it down!

7. After you have filled in the referral code BETA and chosen a password, click the Create account button.

IMPORTANT! Once the account is created, please write down your address and your referral code.

8. When the new window opens, please fill in your chosen password and click LOGIN.

9. Once you are logged in, hit the ACTIVATE MINING button and leave the miner running

10. Please note that the computer needs to be running and the miner needs to be opened in order to mine.

11. Also, please note that the miner will remember your password as it is stored on your own computer. We cannot see your password and we do not store any kind of databases, passwords included

For any additional information and troubleshoot, please contact us using our official social links below.